coping with bullying

Coping with Bullying

Coping with bullying is very difficult.

Bullies are everywhere, with a reported 90% of children stating that they have been bullied at one time in their life, according to More than simply making fun of someone, the daily taunting, and berating of a child can affect their performance in school and emotional well-being, and in severe cases lead to physical and long-term emotional harm.

In order to cope, a child should talk to someone they trust such as friends, parents, caregivers, or school administrators. Although telling an adult will be difficult, especially since there is a feeling of shame involved, it will be easier to start the steps so that the situation can eventually stop. For children, telling a friend may be one of their easiest coping mechanisms. People who are bullied are often alone, so staying in a group may make it harder for a bully to feel that they can bother someone. Someone being bullied should also try to ignore the situation and not make remarks back to the bully. This verbal back and forth can make the situation worse and even involve the victim getting blamed for starting the trouble. Another way to cope is to avoid places where a bully is likely to be. Sometimes bullies are in the same place at the same time, avoiding that situation may stop a bullying routine.

Levels of Severity & Coping

Depending on the severity of the bullying, children may be able to talk to the bully using assertive skills-ask questions, and paraphrasing the bully’s comments. Bullies are just as scared and vulnerable as their victims, but feel pressure to act a certain way. Another way to cope is to take a self-defense course. Although physical means are not advised when dealing with a bully, this may give those being bullied more confidence. Bullies usually pick on kids who appear scared, weak, and unsure of themselves. It is also advisable not to attract attention to bullies with expensive items or bring too much money to school.

A child will also have to cope with their emotional issues, which they can do in a diary. This diary will not only discuss their feeling but can also serve as a timeline of the bullying incidents. This can serve as evidence when taking the issue up with the school.

We are here to help

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