Is Telehealth Covered by Insurance

Telehealth Insurance. Are You Covered?

Telehealth insurance coverage is now becoming more mainstream than ever especially since COVID-19. Generations Behavioral Healthcare believes in keeping people informed so have collected information on some of the plans we know cover telehealth and telepsychiatry services.

What does that mean? It means that if you have a health insurance plan, it most likely will cover and pay for the price of a telehealth office “visit” or call to some degree. 

This may vary for insurance coverage like Medicare and Medicaid. Let’s take a look at a few insurance coverages you may have and dive deeper into what telehealth insurance looks like.


Medicaid coverage differs from state to state, but most states have expanded Medicaid coverage for telehealth since 2020. For instance, many states are now allowing telehealth services via telephone, electronic and virtual means, home as the originating site for telehealth, coverage and pay parity for telehealth services, and asynchronous telehealth services. 

If you’re looking for coverage in the state of Illinois with Medicaid, our providers at Generations Behavioral Healthcare work extensively with Medicaid and also service clients who are dual-eligible with private Medicare and Medicaid plans through Meridian and Blue Cross Blue Shield. 


Blue Shield of Illinois covers some telehealth providers and services. For mental health telehealth services and telepsychiatry, Generations Behavioral Healthcare is one of the providers included on that list of coverage.


BCBC also offers a number of virtual care options and coverage depending on your plan or location.  

In summary, telehealth insurance coverage is offered by many providers and plans.

Wherever you are looking for telehealth services, make sure to ask how much your test, item, or service will cost. The amount you will owe could depend on a number of things. First, what other insurance coverage you might have, and how much your doctor charges. Sometimes it depends on if your doctor accepts the assignment. Then they will look into the type of facility or where you get your test, item, or service. Another factor is the type of provider.

Generations Behavioral Healthcare makes it easy. We are a fee-for-service, concierge practice and offer telehealth and telepsychiatry services covered by some insurance plans. This includes Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, United Healthcare, Medicaid, and more. read more. We also offer our affordable private pay pricing option for clients opting not to use insurance!

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