Our Rates

Transparent, Up Front Pricing

At GBH, we believe in honesty and integrity in our pricing and service delivery.  We clearly post our service rates here and promise never to trick you with hidden charges or fees.  We encourage you to comparison shop with other non-insurance-based practices.  We are confident that we offer the greatest value for your healthcare dollar.  Because our rates are priced so far below many comparable insurance rates, you can often spend less for services with GBH as an out-of-network provider versus going to see a provider who is in-network with your insurance plan.  We will gladly provide you with a copy of your superbill and assist you in filing out-of-network insurance claims.

Psychiatric Medication Management

Our affordable, discounted concierge rates for a one hour (60 min.) Psychiatric Evaluation and Medical Check-Up (90792) is just $200.  Follow-up Psychiatric Medication Management visits (99214) only cost $100 and generally last 20-30 minutes. 

We will attempt to prescribe generic equivalents of any prescribed medications whenever suitable to defray prescription drug costs.  We are also able to prescribe up to a ninety (90) day supply of medication when indicated.

Neuropsychological Testing

Our affordable, discounted concierge rate for one hour (60 min.) of neuropsychological evaluation (96132 / 96133) costs just $90.

We will always discuss package pricing for any neuropsychological evaluations we perform up front.  Our quoted prices always include the written report of results and generally offer at least a 50-75% discount compared to the comparable insurance-based pricing of the same procedures.

Counseling and Executive Coaching Services

Our affordable, discounted concierge rate for one hour (60 min.) of counseling or executive coaching services (90837) is just $80.  This same attractive rate applies to the Diagnostic Evaluation and Treatment Planning Session (90791) which is usually the first visit and last approximately one hour (60 min.).  We also offer a one-half hour (30 min.) long counseling or coaching session (90832) for just $50.

You enjoy all the benefits of our concierge-based practice including concierge rates offering 50-75% discounts off of the usual and customary insurance rates that many other similar insurance-based practices are charging.