5 Ways to Keep Telehealth Conversations Private

Discreet Telehealth? 5 Ways to Keep Your Digital Conversations Private

Discreet Telehealth is important. Here is how you can stay on top of keeping your information secure. 

How will discreet telehealth keep your private information safe? Just like anything personal, talking about your health and sharing sensitive information isn’t something you want to be overheard by, shared with, or disclosed to unauthorized listeners.

As more and more people are choosing telehealth providers and services, there are valid concerns about the privacy of these digital conversations. But rest assured, here are 5 steps you can take to ensure your telehealth appointments are private, secure, and discreet:

1. Avoid using public wifi networks for your telehealth appointment

Use a private secure wifi network when exchanging sensitive information with your healthcare provider. Public wifi networks are less secure and can put your privacy at risk. If you do not have a private connection at home contact your local library and ask them about a secure, private room for your sessions. Illinois offers grants to families in need of private internet connections for telehealth. You can visit the state website for additional information on how to obtain these internet services near you. 

2. Turn off nearby devices that may capture your conversations

To protect any sensitive information being shared, remove or turn off any nearby items that are capable of capturing information such as voice assistants, home security cameras, or other devices.

3. Ask your telehealth provider if your telehealth session is secure

Communication between you and your provider should be encrypted. Trustworthy telehealth technology uses encryption to protect your privacy and create a secure environment for communicating. Encryption makes your data unreadable to anyone else on the internet. Generations Behavioral Healthcare has encrypted and secure ways to keep your conversations private. If your provider isn’t sure where to start or you have concerns the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services offers a great guide for providers. As a consumer read it over and then you will know the right questions to ask. 

4. Choose a private location for your telehealth appointment

Pick a private room or place where you feel safe to have vulnerable and open conversations about your health. Make sure it’s a location away from others and closed off from other people being able to overhear. This could be a private room in your home, your car, or a private room in your office. Always have a door you can shut.

5. Look out for phishing attacks or scams

Be aware of sketchy links and scams when looking for a telehealth provider. You can protect against this by using a web advisor with your browser that can identify unsafe links, along with installing anti-phishing security software that prevents email scams from even entering your inbox.

At Generations Behavioral Healthcare, we use the latest secure video-conferencing technology to ensure your virtual appointment is discreet, secure, and safe. We’ve seen telehealth easily open up access to care between mental health providers and patients across the state of Illinois, and overall improve many patients’ mental health and well-being.

Looking for cutting-edge mental health methods that are personalized, affordable, discreet, and easy to access from the comfort of your own home? Get in touch with a GBH mental health professional today!