What Is Concierge Behavioral Healthcare?

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Generations Behavioral Healthcare, P.C. (GBH) is a “concierge behavioral healthcare” practice.  The fact is that any people have not heard of “concierge healthcare.”  This article will attempt to define what “concierge healthcare” is and to explore the distinct advantages of this model of healthcare versus traditional insurance-based healthcare.

“Concierge healthcare” is based on the concept of directly paying for your healthcare services rather than expecting a third party – such as an insurance company – to pay for the healthcare services for you.  Many people are unaware of the result of traditional insurance-based healthcare on the practice of providers.  Because insurance companies often do not pay providers their full rates – rather paying a reduced, negotiated “contracted rate” – providers who work with insurance companies often feel compelled to work more hours and see more clients in order to make up for the reduced earnings in working through insurance.  Also, many insurance companies can take 30, 60, 90 days or longer to settle and pay an insurance claim.  This also adds to the pressure that many providers feel to see more clients in an insurance-based practice.  

At GBH, since we do not accept insurance or participate in any employee assistance programs, we do not feel the same pressure regarding the need to “pack our schedules” full of clients.  We are able to take our time with each client.  We are more available during your visit to openly discuss your concerns and we are much more accessible in between visits.  When you have a concern, you can call us and expect to hear back directly from your provider in a timely manner.  If you need to be seen on a more urgent basis or would prefer to be seen at home or over secure telepsychiatry portal (web-based care), we are able to accommodate these requests.

Most people are also unaware that insurance companies not only dictate how much they will pay for various healthcare services, but also what services are “medically necessary” versus which ones are not.  The fact is that sometimes their decisions are very arbitrary and not in the best interests of a client.  For example, many insurance plans have stopped paying for a 60-minute psychotherapy office visit in favor of paying for a 45-minute psychotherapy office visit instead as if the two procedures are interchangeable.  I can assure you – they are not.  Some clients require an even longer psychotherapy visit – say a 90-minute visit – to work on their complex presenting issues.  However, insurance plans will often not pay for this type of “intensive” outpatient office visit without pre-authorization.  At GBH, since we do not accept insurance or participate in any employee assistance programs, we collaborate with you to devise a custom-designed treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.  If you require longer, more frequent visits, we are able to accommodate this.  If you’re going out of town, but still desire to have web-based care, we are able to put this in place.  If you need an urgent visit which would mean that you’re coming in more than once per week, we can be responsive to your needs without worrying whether or not insurance will pay for this type of service.

So, as you can see from reading this article, there are many desirable aspects to a “concierge behavioral healthcare” practice.  Here at GBH, we look forward to showing you how we have redefined behavioral healthcare.  For more information, please Contact Us or set an appointment directly on this website.

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